Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Cows!!

Management Intensive Grazing is a large part of making our grassfed beef program work.  With MIG we can utilize less acreage for grazing with a higher number of animals per acre.  We can also give the grass a rest between grazing and allow it to regrow to optimum grazing height (6"-10").  At this height the animals eat it like candy and it gives the animals the most feed value.  When deciding on our cattle stock we wanted a heritage breed that was old genetics, had disease resistance, pinkeye resistance, and other natural immunities since we are not using antibiotics, hormones, or other medications.  We also wanted a breed that would graze and gain weight on marginal pastures without the use of grain.   This creates a lean, healthy, and tasty meat product that has a proven tract record and is accomplished naturally on a grassfed diet.  That is why we decided on a Longhorn/Angus cross for our cattle breeding stock.  The Longhorn has a tremendous track record in established resistances, good grazers in marginal conditions, great mothers, lean flavorful meat, and a phenomenal heritage.  When you couple the Longhorn genetics with the Angus we feel like you get a winning combination; all the benefits of the Longhorn along with the established marketing of the Angus breed, creating a lean, full flavored meat animal that fits a grassfed beef program.

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