Wednesday, September 12, 2012

farmer's market update

Mark and I discussed our farmers' market booth this morning.  The market is normally my project to take care of weekly with the help of some of our children.  Fall time is very busy for us with harvest and our family being in several different places at one time.  I am not able to run our booth yet without the help of our boys we won't be there again.  Mark fills in on days when he can.  He is busy with his family's business of roofing and siding since the hail storm a few weeks ago.  We also have corn harvest, etc.  Yes, at times we feel like we are running in circles.  I expect most of you can relate.  Some seasons of life are just busy.  We hope to return to the regular schedule at market soon!  Thank you for understanding! 

Until then, if you would like to order product, we would be happy to deliver or meet you at Java Jo'z on Creasy Lane.  Mark makes many trips to Lafayette each week picking up product for the hail damage jobs so the trips could easily be combined.  We have pork that was recently processed plus chicken, turkey, and a few lamb cuts.

We look forward to seeing your friendly faces again soon!  Contact info:  765-414-9352 or

Blessings on you and yours,


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

No farmer's market today

Due to the rain today, we won't be at the West Lafayette Farmer's Market.  If you have any meat orders that you need this week, call or email us and we can deliver to Java Jo'z in Lafayette.  We are blessed to have good clients!  Lord willing, we will be at the market next week.

Contact info:  765-414-9352 or