Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pastured chickens are growing!

Yesterday we spent time at the farm doing chores feeding and watering the animals.  We got a call from a neighbor that had found our cow that got out of our corral.  She has found green grass and shade and is enjoying her freedom.  We went over and checked her out; she seems to be content and in no hurry to go anywhere.  We took water over to her to make sure she doesn't get thirsty.  We will try next week to bring her back into the herd.  The pastured chickens are growing and having a great time eating the bugs in the grass.  They should be ready to process in 6 weeks or so.  We now have pigs that we are raising up on pasture; they are so fun to watch.  Our pigs love to eat!  Getting vegetables, dropped fruit (apples, pears, and peaches), milk and a feed ration complete with needed minerals and vitamins.  These pigs love to root around in the grass and dirt, creating a natural oasis of cool mud and muck.  These pigs don't have any problem keeping cool in this sweltering August heat.

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