Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pork available

Tomorrow we have a couple pigs going in for butcher.  They can be purchased by the whole or half hog.  With the prospect of higher meat prices on the horizon, it's a great time to stock your freezer.  The pigs have been raised organically though they are not certified organic.  This meat is very delicious!  I have to be careful or I use pork for every meal.

Whole hog - $2.00/lb. hanging weight
Half hog - $2.10/lb. hanging weight

When you order, all you tell us is how much pork you want.  You take care of the processing cost and cut list with the processor.  On average the cost of processing is $1.00/lb.  This provides you with many varied cuts that cost less than purchasing lesser quality meat at the grocery store.

Contact info: or 765-414-9352