Friday, March 25, 2016

Healthy Pork

What makes our pork healthy?  Some good farming practices.  We feed our pigs a balanced diet with healthy products for their good and also for ours.  The food they eat has an effect on the quality of their meat.  That doesn't necessarily mean they have to eat only what we do.  They will be healthy if they eat what their Creator designed them to eat.

We have a stationary feed grinder where we grind the non-gmo corn & mix their feed rations.  The excess milk from our dairy cow is a delightful treat for the pigs.  They scramble over one another to get the milk.

Not giving antibiotics to the pigs also makes the meat healthier.  While it can be necessary to use antibiotics to treat a sick animal, that animal is culled to be sold elsewhere.  It would be poor farming practices to let the animal die from lack of care.

 A good farmer cares about his animals.  My husband will stew over his animals if he knows some increment weather is forecasted or a mom is preparing to birth.  He analyzes the situation & strives to make the environment as conducive to the situation as possible.

Good meat processing contributes to the health of the product.  The seasoning that is used for our sausage, ham, & bacon is all natural.  We have a customer who got headaches from eating standard store boughten bacon.  They tried our bacon & was able to enjoy bacon again.

From farm to table, we strive to produce healthy, delicious pork that is affordable for families.  We sell pork by the half or whole hog.  If a half still sounds like too much for your household, split it with your friends or family.  Buying in bulk makes healthy meat more economical for your household.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

We have joined social media!

You can find us on Facebook now if you look up Double-M-Farms.  We would love to have you go there and "like" us and join in on the conversations regarding food and agriculture.  I am sure it will be thought provoking!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

2016 Meat Prices

Pork prices

Whole Hog $2.40/lb
Half Hog $2.50/lb

Beef Prices

$3.35/lb for Whole beef
$3.40/lb for Half beef
$3.50/lb for a Quarter beef

Chicken or Turkey for Meat
Call or email for pricing

Beef and Pork pricing is based on "hanging weight" of animal, not live weight.  This way you are only paying for the meat not the fluids and other disposed items.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Why bulk?

People ask us......."why do you sell your meat in the bulk"?  There is several reasons why, but here are a few.

  1. We don't have to inventory lots of product.  When we first started out we sold by the piece and found that folks like certain cuts of meat and don't prefer others.  Having definite opinions is great, but when it comes to selling meat, we would end up with a large amount of a certain cuts people did't prefer in our freezer.  Our family was getting tired of cuts like the "Ham Hocks" or "Beef liver"! 
  2. When you buy a "quarter, half or whole animal" YOU get to make all the decisions.  Decisions like the size of packages you want you hamburger or sausage to come in, whether you want your pork cut as a tenderloin or pork chops or "would you like your complete half made into hamburger?"  Buying in bulk gives you control over what you get.  You know best what your family likes to eat, so spend your money on those things.
  3. Its a better value for your family!  We have six kids and understand that to buy locally grown, natural food products can be cost prohibitive.  We don't want it to be that way for you!  The price per pound breakdown amounts to less money spent for better quality product.  Product that you have a knowledge of where it came from and how it was fed and taken care of.  If the cost is a hurdle we can work with you by offering you the option to "pay as your animal grows".  This option offers you the opportunity to help with the cost to raise your animal as it grows to harvest weight.  This is like a cost share program!
We are scheduling animals to be processed right now!  Give us a call at 1-765-268-2104 or email for any questions or to get on the list for a animal.