Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Contented Pigs!

Pigs rooting happily in the pasture grass.
Here is a photo of our very content pigs.  These pigs live the grand life rooting around all they want in the green grass, breathing the fresh air and taking a nap in the dirt.  Our pigs are also old verities, Hampshire and Duroc blends, making them well suited for their outside living quarters.  These pigs will put on more backfat than grocery store pigs making for a better flavor when you eat one of their hams or chops.  Our family favorite is the smoked/cured bacon.  Wow!! If you want to have a delicious breakfast meal, fry up some all natural pork bacon with pasture raised poultry eggs,  and finish it off with homemade bread or muffins topped with homemade applebutter and you will have a breakfast meal fit for a king!  We will have pork avaliable as soon as Thanksgiving for your holiday dinner needs.  Also give a half or whole pork for a Christmas gift!

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