Monday, February 18, 2013

"Dead" but new "Life" begins!

In the middle of what would be considered a time that most of nature is "dead" from the effects of winter, our farm shows new "life".  What a blessing to see how our creator God graces us with little things that remind us that He has not forsaken His great love for us and His creation.  As I write this I can see the sun rising once again in the east to welcome us to another day that will be filled with opportunities to look for God's goodness in the midst of a very dying and decaying world.  Exchanging "death" for "life" is what God offers us daily in His son Jesus!  Even with the world around us appearing literally "frozen" from the effects of sin, we can personally experience "warmth and sunshine" in our own souls everyday by looking to Jesus, the Prince of Peace.  Soon God will bring us spring and remind us that there is new hope and life as the earth sings forth God's glory in the warmth and sunshine of His love. 

Oh, by the way!  The new "life" at the farm is our new baby LAMBS!!