Thursday, September 29, 2011

Market Day

Yesterday was farmer's market.  We sold pumpkin ice cream.  The day was a lot slower with the rain and with coming to the end of the season. 

Before we went to market, we picked up a new batch of chicks.  There are now a shy 200 peeping in the barn, growing for fresh winter meat.  It's time to pull out those good ole' chicken noodle soup recipes, made even better by fresh, free-range chicken.  Nothing tastes more delicious on a cold snowy day than some hot soup.  It's a comfort food.  It has also been learned that chicken noodle soup is beneficial for you when you're feeling under the weather.  Hmmmm, makes me hungry for some just writing about it.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Price List for meat products

Several people have asked about our farmers market prices for our farm products.  We currently sell our products at the West Lafayette market on Wednesday afternoons and our products can be pre-ordered and picked up at Java Jo'z on Creasy Ln. in Lafayette.  Order at 765-414-9352 or

Natural Chicken
Whole chicken                    $4.00/lb                 3-5 lbs.
Whole chicken cut-up        $4.50/lb                 3-5 lbs.
Necks                                 $3.50/lb                 1-2 lbs.
Liver or Hearts                    $3.50/lb                 1-2 lbs.

We will have chicken available for a limited time through the winter.  Reserve yours today to be sure to have all the chicken you may need till next market season. 

Pastured Pork
Pork chops                $7.00      (2)                   Ham steak        $9.00
Tenderloin                $6.50      (2)                    Ham Roast       $15.00 
Spare Ribs                $9.75   roughly 2 lbs.     Ham Hock        $5.00
Loin End Roast         $12.00   2-4lbs.             Bacon              $8.00/lb
“Catfish” Loin         $7.50   roughly 1 lb.           
Ground Pork         $5.00      1 lb.                
Sausage                   $5.00      1 lb.
Whole Hog  (150-200 lbs. of meat)        $3.50/lb.  Hanging weight
Half Hog  (75-100 lbs. of meat)          $3.70/lb.  Hanging weight
Customer responsible for additional cost of processing and wrapping

Thanksgiving Turkeys
Reserve your “fresh” pastured turkey for this Thanksgiving season
Heritage Breed bird (7-15 lbs.) $6.00/lb limited quantity
Broad-breasted White bird (15-25 lbs.) $3.50/lb limited quantity
$25.00 non-refundable deposit to Reserve your bird, remaining balance upon delivery

Monday, September 12, 2011

Bull calf

Daisy had her baby, finally.  She seemed ready to calve for a while.  The last month I kept thinking, "Surely it will be born today."  Here are some pictures of the cute little guy.

Daisy gving him his bath

The little fellow is skittish.  He hid behind his momma when I would try to take a picture.  His colorings are beautiful like Daisy, a pretty cream and brown.

The cows are at another site than our home place.  When we go to do the chores, we drive slowly up the lane with the window down calling, "Heeere Bossy!"  Our little toddler has picked up on that and calls for them too.  It is a delight to watch her learn and grow at a rapid speed.

Doesn't she look ornery!  She has her big brothers wrapped around her little finger.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Farm tour and Educational visit at the farm

Recently we hosted a family that wanted to learn more about small farm management and some of the farm systems that we use to support our sustainable farm.  We enjoyed getting to spend the time together with our visitors, hearing and answering their questions, walking the farm, and talking over a home cooked meal in our dining room.  I have posted a "Thank You" letter that we received from our visitors:


I just wanted to write and let you know how much we appreciated your family's hospitality during our recent visit to your farm. Meeting your family and sharing that wonderful home cooked meal made for a very enjoyable afternoon.

When we set up our visit with you, we were not sure what to expect or just how much we could learn about operating a small farm the natural way.  The experience was not only informative but a very pleasant and enjoyable.  You shared with us, a wealth of knowledge, which quite honestly left us simply overwhelmed and excited about all the possibilities.  We discussed changes and additions to our farm non stop for the next several hours.

Since neither my husband nor I where raised on a farm , up to this point, we had only the books we had read and conversations with the local feed store owners to base the operation of, as we call it, our micro farm. We left your farm with the confirmation we had hoped to gain, that we were on the right track; plus our heads full of new ideas as well as answers to all of our questions and concerns. The discussion we had with you about the farm plan, started us thinking about what, when and where our next step will take us.

The one fact we both agree on now, is that will be taking our operation to the next level from hobby farm to a money making operation. The healthy food source we create, the personal satisfaction we both derive from what was just a hobby has grown to an enthusiasm and desire to share benefits of naturally grown food with a larger community and make everyone aware of the alternatives out there.

We would highly recommend to others in our position to take time to meet with you discuss the benefits and options that can be incorporated into a family farm. We hope to follow your efforts via your blog and if you do start a radio program or web cast we will follow accordingly. The simple truth is good down to earth experience and information is just to hard to find and we appreciate the time you spent with us.

We welcome others to come and visit if you want to experience a small farm, visit the animals, or to learn more about sustainable small farming.  We offer folks an opportunity to get away from the city, stress, or the daily grind to spend a half day or full day on the farm.  Contact us for more information about our farm tours and for scheduling a day on the farm!    1-765-414-9352

Friday, September 2, 2011

The ice cream success

The ice cream was a huge success!  With a very hot and humid day, people were glad for a cool treat.  We were so busy getting it made and then serving it that we didn't get pictures taken.  Next week will be a different flavor.  Stop by to see what we are serving.  It's sure to be delicious!

Wednesday was also Mark and my 15th wedding anniversary.  It was enjoyable spending the day together.  As always, we like to work together.  :)  We're a team.  Thank you, Lord, for a godly mate!