Monday, August 16, 2010

What a day getting started

Cleaned the gutters on our 40x80 tool shed.  Over time they had filled with tree trash and were not working, over filling during our big downpours.  Now they will do their job.  In the future we will work on getting gutter water away from the foundation of the shed, paddock and sent over to the wildlife wetland area.  Getting new boiler chicks tomorrow (100); got our last batch of 29 out in the pasture in our chicken tractor where they can glean out in the grass.  We have a cow that seems unsettled and has gotten out twice, the second time being today.  I am very concerned due to the fact that she is stressed and not settling in well with the rest of the herd.  She should since she is with her original herd that we bought.  We have 4 cow/calf pairs and two bred cows.  She is a bred cow that seems to have a wild hair in her.  We are trying to get her to settle down by not working her hard, but she spooks awful easy.

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