Monday, November 20, 2017

AMD stands for American Milking Devon

We have added Devon cattle to our farm this year.  The Devon cattle breed has been around since Pilgrims brought them over to America in 1623.  We are really excited to offer the breed to our customers, they can enjoy a excellent meat product and a part of our nations rich heritage.  We also have grown our Berkshire hog operation to more sows farrowing additional pigs.  This will give us more finishers to market to those who want to taste and enjoy the advantages of quality pork that is proven by the taste.  Visit us on Facebook for updated post and content. 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Red Devon Cattle Breed

Have you ever heard of Red Devon cattle?  This breed first came to the United States from England in 1623 on a ship called the Charity.  They were very important to the early settlers of our country providing working farm power as oxen and as delicious meat for their families.  

Fast forward to the time of the Oregon Trail..... the Red Devon were an important asset for the pioneers to travel westward.  They pulled the heavy wagons over miles of dusty wagon tracks for a new start in life.

So what do these cattle look like?  They are a pretty red with some having horns while others are polled (hornless).

Meet Gus

Red Devons are known for their easy-going disposition.  A gentle disposition makes them easier for the farmer to work with, decreasing cattle stress.  Too much stress can affect meat quality.  Plus, have you ever worked with livestock?  Try putting in a few renegade cows who have escaped their pasture!  They DO think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, especially in the spring.

Bottom line, we chose a Red Devon bull for the beneficial characteristics this breed can bring to our base herd. Babies get a healthy start to life by enjoying their mama's milk (think high in butterfat). Starting life with such nutritious milk lays the foundation for the cow to finish out with nice, juicy meat.

Another benefit of these cows.... they are very efficient in converting grass into well marbled, tasty meat.   Properly marbled meat gives good flavor to the end product.

So, welcome to Gus!