Tuesday, January 14, 2020

What makes him tick?

Have you ever asked the question "What makes that person tick?" or  "Why are they the way they are?"  I have!  I like to analyze or ponder on human behaviors.  My family tells me I should have either become a lawyer, a psychologist or a preacher.  I chose preacher out of that list! 😀  But, I guess what I am saying is I like to see what makes people tick.  Farmers are a group of people that I can relate to, since I am one.  I come from 5 or more generations of farmers on all sides of my family.  Farming goes way back for me in the family tree.  In the coming weeks I want to consider some of the things that I see from my farming family that I would say define "what made them tick."  I have been considering this topic for several weeks and I look forward to introducing you to some of my heritage.  Some of the folks I would call grandpa and great-great grandpa.......!  I will also look at other farmers that I have had the privilage to know and include their behaviors, values and character into this journey to "see what makes farmers tick."  Be sure to come along!

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year!

We want "Thank You" for helping make 2019 a great year.  We had struggles with things that all farmers struggle with, but each of our friends, customers and family shared a part in helping us make our year what it was.  Now in 2020 we look forward to spending more time with growing even better grass fed beef, pastured pork and other farm products.  Also, lets not leave out the wonderful experience we had with doing living history & other teaching events with the oxen.  We have already been asked to be at more events this 2020 season around the midwest.  We will try to keep you informed with where we are and maybe you can come out and see the oxen.  God bless each of you in 2020!