Monday, June 30, 2014

Spring and Summer brings new life!

One thing I love about the summer months is all the new life that we see around us.  New lambs, calves and plants push through the soft warm soil.  There is nothing like seeing a cherry tree in full bloom or mama cows licking thier newborn calves, nudging them to rise up on their wobbly legs.

                                          Disking a field this spring preparing to seed grass.

Yes, summer is a blessing!  We enjoy hot dogs around the campfire, trips to the lake to play in the water, fresh vegetables out of the garden, and the blessings go on and on.  Spend time with your family this summer, and go out and enjoy God's great creation.

Market report:

1. We only have a few cows left that will be ready to butcher this season, so reserve your quarter, half or whole asap.
2. Hogs will be ready this fall or early winter, so get your freezer ready for fresh pork.
3. We currently do not have any meat chickens, but do intend on having some starting in August.

Monday, June 9, 2014

What Happened!!

What happened to you!!  That may be the question some of you are asking.  It seems like we dropped off of the planet.  We haven't!!  But our world has been turned upside down the last several weeks.  We have faced several big decisions, and it hasn't always been easy to know which direction to go.  We have been able to make a few decisions, still praying and trusting for others, and resting in God's goodness and faithfulness all the way.  Keep praying for us!

The cows are doing good; several of the cows are getting close to having babies.  We added another milk cow to the herd and are looking forward to getting back to enjoying our own milk.  We haven't started any broiler chicks yet this year but hope to later this summer.  Also, our son is wanting to raise more turkeys for Thanksgiving.  Let us know if you are interested in either one.  We are limited on the amount of beef that will be available this year since we are keeping back our females to have for breeding stock in the future.  If you think you might want beef, let us know asap since we only have a limited supply.

Thank you for your support, prayers, friendship and being the base that keeps our farm going.  Knowing that we are helping other families have healthy food to eat gives us great joy and fulfillment.