Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Normal day

Today was a normal, busy day.  On Monday we have guitar and violin lessons in Lafayette for some in our family.  Between lessons we stop at Java Jo'z, my parents coffee shop, to deliver any chicken or eggs that people have ordered.  It makes it nice to have a pick-up point for those in town and for us to get the product to them.  Today we delivered a whole chicken for a customer.  If you are a first time buyer from us, we give you a dozen eggs at no charge. 

On a side note, our little 17 month old is so busy that it is taking twice the time to get this post uploaded. =)  She runs from one thing to the next, her eyes always scanning what she can get into next.

Some random pics for you to enjoy.....

Well the random pics aren't happening.  The blog isn't "working" correctly so I guess I'll have to add some on a different post.  Plus my alignment won't move to the left.  Have a blessed day!

(Written on Monday and posted on Tuesday.)

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  1. I found your blog through the local harvest website. We are in Lafayette-just wanted to comment that your family is beautiful!!! Can't wait to learn more about your farm!

    Lisa Epsteen