Thursday, March 10, 2011

All we like sheep!

As I came out to the kitchen this morning, I noticed one of the sheep was beside the bin.  This means that at least one was out of the fence.  I called Ben to go get the sheep back in.  When he went out the door, the sheep heard him and started running up.  There were 3 mommas and 3 babies loose.  They are so amusing to watch. Actually all our animals are.  Anyway, Ben walked to the barn to get their feed, and they followed right up to the door.  The problem is, he shut the door in their face.  Ohhhh, what a let down!  Immediately they ran behind the barn to the pen area.  Seeing he wasn't coming, back they came.  Ben came out the barn at that time and they trotted right behind him back to where they belong.  Maybe we'll start calling Ben, Mary.  (Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb......)

The sheep got out yesterday, too.  Mark had the boys put up electrified woven wire fence so the sheep could graze more.  This would allow for more flexibility in our rotational grazing system.  The problem we've had has been to keep this kind of portable fencing standing in the corners.  Who wants to stay in when there is complete, unhindered freedom?  This time I found the sheep grazing by our front porch.  I was a little alarmed by this because we live close to the highway.  It wouldn't be good for the sheep to get spooked.  Thankfully they followed Zach as soon as he came around the corner.  As for now, Ben put them in their regular pen until the fencing problems are resolved.

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