Sunday, March 6, 2011

Eggs Galore

This is Ben, our chief egg cleaner and sorter.  He informed us that he processed 5 dozen eggs today.  At 13 yrs. of age he is our oldest right hand man.  The others are right behind him in learning to work.

We have eggs piling up around here.  They are $3.00/dozen.  We go to Lafayette every Monday afternoon so if you place your egg order, we can easily meet you there.  Thanks to our neighbor friend, Phyllis, who puts in a good word for our eggs.  We know they're good but it's always nice to have someone else say so too.  =) 

Our chickens are enjoying the warmer weather as they roam.  We see them wander in the field by the woods, in the pasture, and wherever they desire to walk.  They are quite independent and like to go where they please. 

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