Saturday, September 11, 2010

Why aren't we using GMO corn or soy products for feed?

Here on our farm we have committed to not knowingly use GMO food products for our livestock.  This is not only for the overall health of our animals but also for the health of our customers and our own conscience towards good stewardship of our environment for future generations. I know that there is a great amount of information out there in the world that talks about the pros and cons of GMO (genetically modified organism) products.  I am so glad for the experiences in life that I have had that have helped me formulate my own opinions regarding this issue.  My own personal background in pesticide (herbicide) application along with my farming experience has taught me alot about how plants and animals were created to work together in a beneficial food cycle for man and beast.  I have been "around the block" when it comes to trying new technology that is connected to our food sources and do not like what I see connecting all the pieces together.  It amazes me how many commercial farmers that have bought into the "lie" and are sucked into the vacuum driven by huge multi-faced billion dollar corporations that are only concerned about short term profits.  I recently had lunch with a middle aged multi-generational farmer that has personally seen how all the "benefits" of using agriculture technology (mainly GMO type products) end up creating other issues or problems that have to be dealt with and end up costing more money in the long run while creating more profits for the few big agriculture corporations.  Don't get me wrong; some advances have truly been beneficial to our nation and our feed sources.  Take for instance limited selective pesticide use and some commercial fertilizers used in moderation, advances in precision planting, and faster harvesting equipment.  But any one of these advances can be used as a destructive tool if not used responsibly and carefully by someone who feels a deep desire to leave the next generation with something better.  As the old Native American saying goes "We must always leave our land better than we found it, leaving our children with the responsibility to continue making the land better for future generations."  A heart like this is not motivated by bigger profits and happier stockholders, but by a deep inner conviction that is committed to making the world a little better place for those around them and those to come.   

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