Friday, February 10, 2023

What an experience!

 I wouldn't call us movie stars but.....we did get an opportunity to be involved in a film project.  We learnt so much!  The film crew, cast and production people were great to work with.  We met people from all over the United States, each bringing their expertise to complete the project.  Our part was providing two teams of oxen.  Our big team were the "stars" of the show.  They are in most of the sets with the lead actors.  I (Mark) got the opportunity to "fill in" for the lead and drive the oxen.  Of course, you won't know it is me, since my face is mostly covered with hat and scarf.  It was a lot of fun and we are so grateful to get the opportunity to experience this part of life.  Here are a few photo's!

                         The river crossing scene, wagons going west crossing the Mississippi River.  My                                                              daughter is in the far-left corner in the cape!

                               The filming crew getting the set ready for shooting the river crossing.

Me filling in for the main actor driving!

The scene driving the oxen for the main actor.

Scene setup for one of the shots starting our day.


  1. Fantastic that you got this opportunity.

  2. We really enjoyed the whole process! It definitely has changed we watch movies now!