Thursday, November 28, 2019

We are Thankful for this past year!

Here are a few things I am thankful for this year:

  1. The harvest we DIDN'T expect!  Rain was how the spring started and the rain continued and continued....continued........continued!  Yet we had a harvest!
  2. The safety we experienced!  Many long days in the field, on the road, at events that were opportunities for an accident to happen.  We were safe!
  3. The old friends we got to see again!  We have been able to experience some of the best friendships anyone could ask for.  Good salt of the earth people.  We are sooo grateful for our old friends!
  4. The new friends we made!  We met some of the nicest people who quickly became our new friends this year.  Wonderful people who love God, their families and nation!  We are thankful for our new friends!
  5. The trial of our faith!  Yes, 2019 was a trial of our faith in several ways.  Did we really trust God to give us a harvest?  Would there be any crop to put up this season?  We thank God for the trial of our faith, because HE is faithful!
  6. Renewed Hope!  For over 40 years we had hoped for change in our family legacy.  My parents had fought all the years I can remember.  They hadn't divorced, legally....but were in action!  My hope was lost, my prayers seemed unanswered!  BUT GOD, reached down and changed everything!  My parents were reconciled, they are happy, in Love.  We thank God that HE reminded us to NEVER give up on the impossible!  Hope was renewed.
  7. The gift of an amazing wife!  We have been happily married for over 20 years, never a regret of the day we committed ourselves to one another.  My wife is the most amazing woman in the world.  She is beautiful inside and out, an encourager, an example of virtue and godliness.  I am thankful for an absolutely amazing wife.
  8. Pioneering children!  Our children are growing up!  They are living out their faith!  They are venturing out into their own pursuits, dreams, goals and families.  We are starting to harvest the fruits of our parenting.  By Gods grace, the fruit is good!  I am thankful for my pioneering children who now are becoming awesome adults!
  9. Patience!  This is a hard one, but something I find myself in need of each day.  I need it towards others and I need others to have it towards me.  I am thankful I serve a patient God, have a patient wife and family, and I can see the growth of patience in my own life.  I am thankful for patience!
  10. The gift of grace!  I know I don't deserve it!  It's not purchased, negotiated or demanded.  Every morning before my feet hit the floor I ask my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for grace for the day.  Grace to respond with kindness, patience and self-control!  Grace to sustain me in my weaknesses, hard places and times of trial.  Grace, it is powerful!  It's free to those who ask for it, it's necessary for anything of good or virtue, & it's roots are found in a Gentle Shepherd whose life was full of grace, Jesus Christ.  I am thankful for Grace!

Happy Thanksgiving 2019!

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