Wednesday, November 13, 2019

A look at the past in farming!

The John Deere tractors on our farm are a blessing.  They help us get our chores done quickly, they provide us power to till, seed and harvest the crops.  I really do appreciate them!  In fact, I couldn't imagine farming without them, although it would be possible.  It would be a step back in time!
A couple of years ago, we I got the opportunity to step back in time and welcomed another power source on our farm.  A power source that dates as far back in history as is recorded.  This power source is OX power!  Yes, two 2200lbs/each milking shorthorn or Durhams (their historical breed name) working steers.  Percy & Carter are 5 years old, trained to work in the yoke together.  I have found it very enjoyable to work with them, they are so pleasant, determined and willing to please.  Spoiled for sure!  Our family has fell in love with these two big giants.  Here are a few pictures of them showing off! 😏
 Percy and Carter spend more time teaching others about the history of oxen that working on the farm
 They love doing living history!  Ancient world - 1900's are the years oxen were used in America.
             Indiana State Fair Pioneer Village.  They teach the progress of the American farmer!

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