Saturday, March 16, 2013

It seems like not very long ago I wrote about having baby lambs.'s lambing time again.  Over the past couple of weeks we have had six babies.

Last Sunday Mark took the older children in the afternoon to go do chores.  I was at home with the little ones so they could take their naps & to get ready for evening worship.  The phone rang and our oldest son said, "We have an issue.  There is a ewe lambing and she is having trouble." 

This ewe is a good mother who has given us triplets a couple years ago.  Last time she had twins.  Now, she had successfully delivered one baby.  She was trying to deliver baby #2, but baby #3 was also trying to come at the same time. 

Long story short, we had to pull the two babies.  One of them lived and one died.  We are so thankful to have two healthy babies and a healthy momma!  We could have lost three instead of one.

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