Friday, December 14, 2012

Candy Recommended as a Substitute Cattle Feed During a Drought

Joseph Watson, the owner of the United Livestock Commodities group, recommends feeding stale candy to cattle when corn is scarce or expensive. There are nutritional advantages to this scheme, according to Watson, because candy is higher in fat and sugar, helping to fuel the growth of the animals. In practice, the candy is fed in its wrappers. (It’s expensive to unwrap all that candy.) That’s okay, too, because paper is a bulk filler.
Watson told a reporter for Kentucky TV station WPSD. “We’ve already seen the results of it so we’re pretty proud of it.” He added that the stale candy was a problem for candy manufacturers, and the companies are “proud to have a place to go with it.” So far, no one has bothered to measure the nutritional content of meat from candy-fed beef cattle.
Click on this link for a video of the WPSD interview:

Isn't it amazing what people feed their animals?


  1. That is gross and not natural. :\

  2. So true, Saya! We want to eat meat from animals that have been fed what is good for them.