Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Moving Cattle!

Our cowboys (Ben 14 & Zach 12) are helping move the cattle to better grazing ground.  We are having a little more difficult time with our grazing this year, due to the drought that we are having here in Indiana.  We thank God for all the rain that we can get, and try to utilize our land the best we can without overgrazing it.  For those of you that are considering meat for your freezer this year, you may want to place your order now.  I believe that with the drought that most of the United States is having will skyrocket food prices later this year and perhaps the next 2-3 years on meat.  Livestock owners across the states are unloading animals at a alarming rate due to the lack of pasture grass and the high cost of grain or other feed.  The drought that the southwest and central plains experienced last year already created a shortage of beef cattle, driving animal numbers to that of 1954.  If you take already low numbers and add a drought in more areas of the states and you have combination for expensive food for the future.

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