Friday, June 29, 2012

Hard work!

Here is a photo of us working together putting up straw for winter.  The wheat had been cut, and we came through with our small square baler and baled enough for our season needs.  We use straw to bed animals in the winter, to keep the chicken laying boxes lined, and for erosion control in some areas.  We thank God for a good wheat harvest!


  1. Hi Mark,
    Just stumbled upon this blog while looking for local farms on Are you the Mark Hufford from Carroll County who lived down the road from the Reedys? Just wondering...

    Also, do have a price list for the meat, poultry, and eggs you sell? If so, I would like to see one.

    Jaimee (Reedy) Ryan

  2. Yes you have the right Hufford! It is great to hear from you, I hope your family is doing well. If you send me a email at I can send you a updated price list.
    God bless!