Saturday, January 22, 2011

A cold week

Brrr!  We have had some chilly days this past week with the temp sometimes below 0*F.  The animals are faring well in spite of the cold.  They flock to the food at the morning feeding anticipating their meal.  Having plenty of food and water keeps them warmer and better able to withstand the cold.

The chickens continue to lay eggs, much to our delight.  They taste so much better than the store bought ones.  The eggs are still small, but we are starting to see some bigger ones come in.  They will continue to get bigger the longer the hens lay until the eggs are standard size.  It's amazing, but even the small eggs can have double yokes. 

Two of our younger children normally do the chicken chores.  They are learning to work together.  To water the chickens, they each get on one side of a 5 gallon bucket and carry the water to the chicken tractor.  As I watch them through the kitchen window, my heart smiles to see them learn good life lessons in teamwork.

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