Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mr. Chef

Mark cooked up a fabulously tasting chicken for supper this week!  He looked online for directions on smoking chicken and came up with a winner.  The meat was so moist and delicious that I could not stay out of it.  The leftovers were just as yummy!  I had fixed rice to go with the chicken but it was too bland from not adding enough seasonings.  That made it perfect for combining the deboned chicken for lunch the next day.  The broth made from cooking the chicken added the right amount of moisture and flavoring to the rice.  This menu has become a favorite in our household!

Step 1:  Mix 1 gallon water and 1 cup salt.  Soak chicken in salt solution for 3 hrs.  Rinse chicken.

Step 2:  Combine 4 oz. hickory bbq sauce and 2 oz. Worchestershire sauce.  Brush over chicken.  If using a whole chicken, use a syringe and put brine in the breasts and thighs.  Sprinkle seasoning salt on the outside of the chicken and rub some on the inside.  Wrap in aluminum foil.  Smoke in smoker for 2 hrs. @ 140*. 

Step 3:  Transfer wrapped chicken from the smoker to the baking dish.  Bake @ 225* until done.  Cover baking dish with foil also.  The chicken will produce its own broth.  When you bake low and slow, the meat is tender and delicious!

We learned that the salt brine causes the chicken to draw in moisture.  No liquid was added to cook the chicken in except for the brine.  After we used the chicken for supper, I deboned the rest of the chicken and put the chicken pieces on top of the "bland" rice in a pyrex dish.  I then strained the broth from cooking the chicken and poured it over the rice and chicken.  The broth made the rice moist and flavorful.  We enjoyed 2 meals from one cooking session.  Who knows, maybe I'll let Mark cook a little more often. :) 

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