Tuesday, December 7, 2010

21st Century Workhorse

In days gone by, nearly all farmers had a workhorse or mule on their place.  These animals were used to lift and carry burdens on the farm.  Much like the old days, I recommend farmers have a modern day workhorse to help with getting daily tasks completed on the farm.  Here is my workhorse; it is 20 years old and is still paying for itself.  I use this machine nearly everyday doing multiple chores around our farm.  Here are a few things that I use it for:
  1. Hauling hand tools around the farm like: a post driver, bolt cutters, chainsaws, hay bales, etc.
  2. Streching electric fence wire
  3. Moving the chicken tractor
  4. Checking different pasture areas
  5. Pulling small equipment
Now, like anything else a workhorse must be used responsibly and with caution.  If not used with respect, these useful tools can cause heartache in your family and become a curse instead of a blessing.  So ride with care.

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