Thursday, October 14, 2010

Working together as a family.

One of the greatest joys of farming is the togetherness you have with the most important people in the world, your family.  Our family has been working together cutting, splitting, and stacking firewood over the last few weeks.  We make the whole experience a family event working together to bring in the wood, split it, each taking turns running the hydrolics on our family's 1952 John Deere A that operates our log splitter.  Once split we stack the wood into measured stacks ready for our customers.  Some pick-up the wood, others have us load it into our dump trailer and deliver it right to their homes.  We are select-cutting unwanted trees and cutting up those trees that have fallen over the last few years in our wooded area.  Our farm also has a large amount of locust trees on it.  These trees are not desirable to have around due to the huge thorns around the trunk and on the branchs, but they are one of the best woods for firewood because of the high BTU's created by burning it for heat.  We are coming up with several stacks of a hardwood mix of firewood consisting of maple, hickory, oak, hackberry, and other various hardwood species.  We have sold several ricks and are currently taking orders if you find yourself in need of firewood for this coming cold winter season.

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