Saturday, October 30, 2010

Projected harvest schedule

Several people have asked about our harvest schedule for our meat products.  Here is a projected schedule for the various products that our farm offers.  Stay tuned to our blog for updates, or let us know if you would like an email notice when we will be processing a specific product.
Sheep: Spring (March-May)
Beef: Spring-Fall (March-October)
Pork: All year, next available harvest will be around the New Year 2011
Poultry: Eggs- season long starting spring 2011; Meat birds- currently avaliable with last 2010 harvest taking place late November 2010

It is our desire to offer our customers the freshest, locally grown, natural meat products available.  Because we are committed to quality and freshness, we like to encourage our customers to place their orders well in advance so we can deliver your meat with wholesome goodness direct from the processor.  You can place your orders via email, or call us at: 1-765-414-9352.

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