Friday, March 31, 2023

One principle that has help guide our lives!

 One of our life motto's has been "anticipate the best but plan for the worst"!  This principle has guided many of the decisions we have faced throughout life.  I want to live in the positive, living as an optimist.  Looking for the good around us.  It is a healthy way of living and makes you a much more pleasant person to be around.  Looking for the best is found in our faith in God.  It is His goodness and sovereignty that settles our hearts and minds in the midst of life.  It has to start there....with a settled soul!  This place of settledness would be called the peace of God!  Because of the goodness of God we live with hope.  Hope is an anchor for the soul.  It gives us the ability to be optimistic in the midst of difficult times.  The other half of this quote is the planning part.  It is "wisdom applied".  Wisdom tells us to plan, plan wisely!  Be prepared as much as possible in your planning, then trust God for a better outcome.  

A few practical applications of this principle:

1. Plan and plant the best seed you can, nurture and water the plants anticipating a great harvest, but keep some seed back just in case of a crop failure.

2. When taking a road trip, look forward to the great time you will be having as a family.  Enjoy all the sites and sounds of nature, make the best memories possible, but keep a $100 bill in your wallet, gas 1/2 full in your automobile fuel tank, an atlas in the vehicle.  Be sure the spare tire and tools are in the trunk!

I hope that this principle will be a blessing in your lives also..... as we remember to keep "oil in the lamp"!

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