Tuesday, January 14, 2020

What makes him tick?

Have you ever asked the question "What makes that person tick?" or  "Why are they the way they are?"  I have!  I like to analyze or ponder on human behaviors.  My family tells me I should have either become a lawyer, a psychologist or a preacher.  I chose preacher out of that list! 😀  But, I guess what I am saying is I like to see what makes people tick.  Farmers are a group of people that I can relate to, since I am one.  I come from 5 or more generations of farmers on all sides of my family.  Farming goes way back for me in the family tree.  In the coming weeks I want to consider some of the things that I see from my farming family that I would say define "what made them tick."  I have been considering this topic for several weeks and I look forward to introducing you to some of my heritage.  Some of the folks I would call grandpa and great-great grandpa.......!  I will also look at other farmers that I have had the privilage to know and include their behaviors, values and character into this journey to "see what makes farmers tick."  Be sure to come along!

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