Saturday, February 20, 2016

Enjoy some of Indiana rich history!

A few miles up the road from our farm you can find a couple icons of days gone by.  Just out of the town of Cutler, located in the oxbow of the Wildcat Creek you can find where John Adams built a grist mill in 1845 to serve his community through grinding corn into corn meal, wheat into flour and various other grains.  John understood that wheat was the "staff of life" and essential to keeping families and farms thriving.  For just a couple of dollars you can tour the mill and see first hand the amazing architecture and engineering that went into the three story building.

Adams Mill

Bring a packed lunch and enjoy the park area outside of the mill and along the beautiful banks of the Wildcat Creek, walk the nature trail and end up at another amazing site.  In 1872 the locals built a covered bridge to cross the Wildcat creek.  It has been restored and is now fully functional.  This makes a great site for a family picture!

Covered Bridge


  1. Can you provide prices for your chicken? Thank you.

  2. I will send you the prices and make a future blog post for a reference. Thank you for your interest!