Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hmmm....looking at my past blog titles, it seems all we thought about for a few weeks were farmer's market.  That's not so in real life.  We have been busy with life, just as you.  A few weeks ago we were challenged with a calf getting out of the pasture every day for a week or so.  The hot wire just wasn't bothering him a bit.  It gets really embarrassing and aggravating to get phone calls from people passing by who call to tell you your calf is by the road.  I'm very grateful, though, that people care and try to help.  We were just weary of running to the farm every day to put a calf in.  Actually, every time we got there, the calf was grazing innocently inside the pasture.  That is, until one day my mother-in-law and another gentleman stayed at the farm until I got there.  They watched where the calf got out and back in. 

That day second son and I worked on the hot wire for several hours.  We left and wouldn't you know it, my husband called before we made it home and said the calf was out.  Now you can be assured I was not a happy momma!  Z and I went on home, ate some lunch, and loaded the rest of the kiddos up again to head back to the farm.  This time we added a third wire between the two around the front of the property.  Whewww!  Thankfully that solved the problem!

Normally Mark and the boys are the fencing specialists.  I know enough to irritate the boys with my suggestions.  =)  They do a really good job with the farm work.  We rely on their help so much.  Like when I have to take a trailer somewhere.  They know what size ball we need to use, and they put it on the truck.  All I do generally is back up to the trailer, and they hook it up.  Mark has indeed taught them well; they are our right hand helpers!

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