Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rainy, cold, dreary market day

Ok, so we discovered that you really need rain boots and a rain coat for days like yesterday.  The weather was drizzly and windy, not exactly the kind of weather I normally choose to be out in.  Zach & I loaded the van and headed to the farmer's market.  It appeared that our tent didn't want to be outside either.  With several vendor's help, we finally got the tent so it would not break with the wind.  After braving it for an hour, I called it quits.  My socks were totally wet and discolored and people were not coming to our booth.  I don't blame them.  They were on a mission to get their veggies/baked goods and leave. =)  Zach & I loaded back up and headed home.  We did enjoy the camaraderie with the other vendors and market employees though.  They are great people to work with!

The moral of this story, learn from the pros.  Observe the other vendors and do what they do.  They know; they have "weathered the storm".

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