Monday, February 7, 2011

They're here!!!

Friday morning Ben came in from doing the sheep chores and told us he thought the momma was in labor.  He guessed we would have babies within 24 hours.  A short while later he snuck out without his siblings knowing to check the ewe.  He came in quite pleased.  The momma had birthed triplets.  They are each doing well.  She took all three, but we are going to supplement them with bottle feeding. 

Of the three, one is a male, and the other two are females.  One of them keeps jumping out of their makeshift pen, noses around, and then jumps back in.  The boys are really enjoying them.


  1. yay :).We may have to bring a. & t. over for a "field trip".They think baby lambs would be so fun to see!

  2. You are welcome to come. Shelly would be thrilled for A. to come. Mrs. B. said you guys have the flu in your house. Hope you are all well soon!