Monday, November 28, 2011

Rogue Chicken

If you had followed Mark into town this morning, you may have done a double take.  Perched on the straw in the trailer rode a chicken. 

Mark and the boys climbed into the truck to head to the farm.  As they were piling in, a chicken hopped onto the trailer.  Thinking it was a good place to sit, two of her friends decided to join her.  When the truck started to move out the drive, two hopped off.  Racing to the front window I saw that one stayed on for the ride.  Her feathers were blowing so much in the wind I wasn't sure she would stay on.

Imagine Mark's surprise when someone at the gas station commented on his passenger.  Those folks enjoyed a good laugh this morning.  If the gas station owner can catch the chicken, he gets to keep her.  Or maybe the town has a new mascot.  You never know.  Keep your eyes open when you drive through.  You may just find our hen ruling the roost.

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