Monday, September 12, 2011

Bull calf

Daisy had her baby, finally.  She seemed ready to calve for a while.  The last month I kept thinking, "Surely it will be born today."  Here are some pictures of the cute little guy.

Daisy gving him his bath

The little fellow is skittish.  He hid behind his momma when I would try to take a picture.  His colorings are beautiful like Daisy, a pretty cream and brown.

The cows are at another site than our home place.  When we go to do the chores, we drive slowly up the lane with the window down calling, "Heeere Bossy!"  Our little toddler has picked up on that and calls for them too.  It is a delight to watch her learn and grow at a rapid speed.

Doesn't she look ornery!  She has her big brothers wrapped around her little finger.

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